How much of my money actually goes towards my sponsor child?

All of it! The money that you donate towards your sponsor child will go towards your sponsor child's expenses - we don’t use any of that money for our administration costs.

How do I correspond with my sponsor child?

You can send letters and photos at any time over email to, or by mail to any the closest address in the UK or the US; while we do have a Guatemalan address for the school, letters tend to get lost in the post that way! Your letters will be translated into Spanish, and your sponsor child’s responses will be translated back into English. A scanned copy is then emailed to you with the English translation.

Can I visit my sponsor child?

Definitely! We encourage sponsors to visit, as it strengthens the bond between you and your sponsor child! Once again, just email us to coordinate, and we’d love to give you a tour of the school, and accompany you on a lunch trip, or on a visit to your sponsor child’s home.

Can I send gifts or money?

Absolutely, everyone loves gifts! The easiest way is to send us an extra donation, and Rebecca, our sponsorship coordinator, will take your child to the market to buy a gift - you’ll then receive a photo of the child with their new gift, along with a thank you! You can also send gifts over post to Guatemala, the UK, or the US - the post takes a while, so plan in advance!

Can I video chat with my sponsor child?

Yes you can! Just contact Rebecca at, set up a date that works for the both of you, and we’ll make a Skype date! If you don’t speak Spanish, no worries - Rebecca will always be there to translate.

When my sponsor child continues to further education, will I still be able to contact them?

Yes, definitely - however, because the students are no longer on our campus, it can take longer to get a response. You can absolutely maintain that same communication with letters, video chatting, and gifts, the response time just tends to be slower.

What happens if my sponsor child graduates, or leaves the school for any reason?
In either case, we always encourage you to stay a part of the family and sponsor another child! The bond you create with a child through to graduation can be incredible, and there’s no reason not to start all over again! While students do end up leaving the school under different circumstances, there’s always another student who needs your help!

If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to my sponsor child?
We understand that circumstances change - if you must discontinue your sponsorship for any reason, we will immediately start the search for another sponsor! In the meantime, however, there’s no reason to worry - your sponsor child’s access to education will not be in danger.